Friday, 24 July 2015


If I began to think back to the time when the career conveyor belt began I would say it was about year 9. Anything before this was deemed pipeline dreams of being an astronaut or a Hollywood film actress. But from about year 9 you are thrusted into the world of big exams, coursework and the beginnings of what us adults now know as stress! Despite this sudden need to begin making decisions I am sure I am not the only one who suddenly had to begin mapping out their career path – choosing the right GSCEs which will then allow you enrol on the appropriate A level courses to subsequently land your dream degree ….. which was ummmmmmmmm no idea!

I had gone from vet to teacher to wedding planner to celebrity manager back to wedding planner then back to celebrity manager with lots more in between then decided on a nurse- logical …. NOT!!!
I guess back then I was too naïve to follow my dreams and actually study what I wanted so went with what I deemed society thought I should be doing, and the fact I enjoyed helping people nursing seemed the appropriate thing to do!! How wrong the decision turned out to be.

After completing 12 months studying mathematical and sciency based subjects at AS level to get me to my end result of a nursing degree, I failed – Literally, failed every single one of my subject choices. As someone who refuses to be defeated I retook this whole year of painful studying on subjects that quite frankly different float my boat. They didn’t allow me to be in anyway creative and being swamped with formulas and equations just wasn’t me! I am happy to say I then passed these but then this prompted me to assess my situation and my ambitious/ freedom seeking attitude was reignited… it was time to follow  my passions and dreams and no longer conform.

Off to college I went ( Yes that meant I was about to embark on another 2 years of A levels). I studied business and photography based subjects and absolutely loved them – it was during this time that I began exploring a lot more about the industries I wanted to work in and that was where I fell in love with the world of PR!
After then gaining a first class honours degree in PR and Events Management I went on to working in
  •      Wedding planning,
  •          Celebrity management
  •         PR
  •          Social Media
  •      Working in Disney World Florida

I loved every part of my journey so far as it also led to not only countless experiences and memories but also the development of Metallic Magpie xx

This journey has continued to where I am now – working in social media and also working part time in network marketing which is where I now feel my career has settled and will be focused on for the next part of my life journey!

So for anyone that is at the point in their lives when you are having to pick subjects or are thinking of embarking on a new career path then go do it, do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again.

If you are unsure of what career you want to go into my advice would be to pick subjects for your pleasure and enjoyment as you will come out with fab grades and in the process allow you to explore what you want to do.  I have also believed there is more the life then a 9-5 grind and that life is truly for living and not existing to continue to explore all your options and absorb every ounce of knowledge and opportunities that are passed your way!

If you can relate to this post I would love to here from you and you may also enjoy reading a previous post of my all about choosing yourforever career!!!

Love Liv xXx

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