Friday, 30 October 2015

Focus On The Positives...

Those of you who are lovers of The Secret may have also read The Magic and will know that it encourages you to keep a gratitude diary. This is something I have been meaning to do for sometime now as my daily journal writing has got a bit lapse as I have naughtily let daily tasks take over so I thought it would be a great, quick and easy way to document every day.

Just recently various events have perhaps slightly clouded my usual positive outlook on the journey I am on, and I was starting to question to simply go back to the ‘normal’ life that society likes to force us upon. Not allowing that to happen I have chosen to now begin my gratitude diary as a daily reminder of all the beautiful things in my life, and to keep my focus on the sparkling journey that I have chosen to follow.

For those of you who are not familiar of the concept of a gratitude diary it's very very easy to do and I highly recommend you take part..

1. Get yourself a pretty notebook, journal, diary what ever you would like to call it (a perfect excuse to buy new stationery in my eyes – thank me later!!) I suggest now keeping this with an equally pretty pen next to your bed.

2. When you are snuggled up in bed each evening pull out your pen and notepad and simply scribble down 3 things that you have been thankful for that day; these could be spending time with a special friend, sharing a coffee with a loved one or simply having a roof over your head. These are normally things that can be easily taken for granted but something we all naturally should be grateful for! This doesn't always have to be written down, but you can stick in tickets from places you have been to or memories from that day to also create a scrapbook effect. 

3. Keep this diary every single day and every once in a while if you need a little glitter boost or a pick me up just flick back through the pages and undoubtedly you will be feeling more positive. 

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This is also a fabulous way in years to come to identify how your hopes, dreams and fears change, and  seeing the shift in your focus and direction by re reading your gratitude lists from years gone by will be a sure memory maker.

I would love to hear from you if you already keep a gratitude diary and what you love most about doing it.

Lots of love Liv x

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