Friday, 31 October 2014

Pumpkin Post ...

Sharing the pumpkin love with a selection of a few of my faves xXx

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Perfect Keepsakes For Your Little Cherubs xXx

I have yet to become a mum myself but I have the rather fabulous and privileged title of ‘God Mother’ to a little girlie that puts a smile on my face every time I see her.  Being the proud owner of this title means I get to enjoy the fun times, avoid the sleepless nights,  and then make  a dash for the exit before the “terrible twos” tantrums  kick in.
I guess you could say it’s a pre run for when motherhood comes knocking at my own door!
Over the past 2 and a bit years that my little GD ( god-daughter) has been pirouetting and prancing round for, one thing that has astonished me is how fast she has gone from being a tiddley baby to a toddler you can actually have a full blown conversation with!!
It is no secret that as you get older the time seems to go even quicker and before our eyes times whizzes by-Seeing the changes in my GD  has given me a greater understanding as to why  parents constantly say that their children grow up too fast!!
It literally feels a million years ago since I held her for the first time and it leaves me baffled to try and remember how she fitted in the incy wincy baby gros she was first dressed in.
Sooo I could talk about my GD all day as she feels my life with such joy but for now I will crack on - As  most know, when a little one enters the world it is likely they are turned into a little fashionista by being gifted lots of fabulous baby- gros and cutesy little outfits. BUT …… What to do with these baby clothes when your little ones cannot even be squeezed into them any more?
This is where I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Button Bears- Each hand-lovingly crafted in the historic town of Dorchester they are the brain child of one of my fabulous best friends.
My GD's Gorgeous Bears xXx 
Each bear is made from baby clothing that you just cant bare to part with or give away as a hand- me-down. They are then turned into a beautiful keepsake that will last forever.
Through careful planning, stitching and the edition of two buttons for its eyes each bear comes to life with special detailing picked out from your favourite item of clothing. Cute aye????
To me I don’t think you need an excuse to have one of these made for your little cherub but if you are stuck for Christening, Christmas or even first birthday ideas these are perfect and provide that something a little bit different.

What better way to celebrate and remember their first Christmas. 
I have provided the Facebook link for you here to check out more of the gorgeous bears.  

Love Liv xXx

Your Bear Can Be Personalised Just For You x 

Cute Little Detailing Is Used - Love it x

Family Of Button Bears