Friday, 24 July 2015

Mobile phones – The Killer of Conversation!!

The thought of a Friday off work at the end of July has you filled with warming thoughts of picnics in the local park, dipping your toes in the lapping, refreshing salty seas and licking your favourite ice cream. Well at least that’s how I planned to spend my day off! Upon awakening this morning these plans were rapidly changed when the pitter patter of raindrops on my window informed me it was more of a wet November day then the height of Summer.

However crisis was quickly adverted as my sensible head was popped on and instead of a lazy day in the sunshine I decided to my pack laptop and all into my bag and toddle on off to my local coffee shop for a productive morning of ticking off my to do list.

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Said location was what has led me to write this post and will hopefully remind myself not to be a convo killer when I am next accompanied in a coffee shop.

I set myself up on a little table and got straight to work on my task, enjoying the hub of chatter and activity that was going on around me. 
Shortly after I arrived two girls occupied the table next to me;
straight away as their coffees were placed on the table they quickly grabbed out their mobiles. A good 45 minutes to an hour went by and I can honestly say I did not see one ounce of conversation pass between the two girls as their heads remained engrossed in their phones. Now I am in no way pleading innocence here as I know I have been guilty of checking and replying to messages on my phone when i’m out, but seeing it first hand completely destroy a conversation was great confirmation to me to make more of an effort next time to ensure my phone doesn’t do the same. 
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Mobile phones have almost become some what of an necessity in our generations existence, where we could barely imagine being without them. But really on further thought what a wonderful and easier life it would be  if we went back to the days of having to knock on friends to see if they wanted to come out, or using the dreaded home phone to see if they were free!

So although this reliance is pretty much avoidable now in our hectic lives seeing these girls showed the really importance of not being a conversation killer. Instead, indulge in a little good old fashion natter with friends and family face to face this simple action creates such a warm and lovely feeling that can never be expressed through digital forms. Some of my best moments lately have been when I have put myself on a technology ban and delved into a good book or just spend quality time with those I love.

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Think of the hit US series Friends.... hours were spent in that coffee shop and think of all the memories that were created and the laughter spent x

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So taking this experience of mine of board i challenge you to try it and watch the magic happen...Life really isn’t going to dramatically change in a status update or an email refresh so take this opportunity to enjoy all of the fabulous things going on around you and not just on the screen of a hand held device.

Love Liv x 

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