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Following on from my previous post I wanted to share my tips or more likely warnings from my marathon experience xx This post if very tongue in cheek so before all the running lovers out there come knocking at my door there are lots more reasons as to why running could be fun ... I will leave this points up to them to explain though ;)  

Enjoy :) 

1. The 'Wall" and yes it does exist and it will undoubtedly feel like the Great Wall of China but you WILL get past it... the re-feed after is so worth it ;) 

2. You will chafe in places you previously deemed in possible to chafe in - Vaseline at the ready!! Top tip from my first marathon Never EVER where a thong not matter how much you don't want VPL ... Bridget Jones pants all the way. 

3. Your really comfy trainers you have been running in throughout your entire training will suddenly turn into evil blister makers .. always wear comfy socks and DO NOT take this as advice to wear brand new trainers ... biggest school boy error you could make. You will just have to forgive your oldies after the race.

4. After about mile 13 you will question yourself every mile after if you can make it.... Answer is YES you can and you WILL.

5. The cheers of encouragement is incredible and will keep you going but ensure you resist the urge to punch the next person who shouts you are nearly there, when you jolly well know how far you have to go. 

6. Chances are ( if you are as slow as me anyway ) you will get overtaken by someone wearing a huge bunny suit or similar fancy dress attire .... Just Keep Going. 

7. Always remember it is ok to cry at some point during the race ... This does NOT make you a wimp.

8.  WARNING - Finishing a marathon is what i can only assume child birth is like. The second it's over and your medal ( or baby) is in your arms the pain and struggle doesn't seem as bad and you will want to do another one! 

9. You will however run alongside some of the most inspiring people you will ever meet so absorb the atmosphere xx 

10. You will adopt a best friend somewhere along the course who will feel your pain... and you will feel the need to discuss your intimate chafing problems but lucky for you you will undoubtedly see them again!!

11. No matter how fit you see yourself, do yourself a favour and book the day after off work.. put your feet up and wallow in your glory. 

12. Most of all after all this has been said and done remember to ENJOY IT xx 

What are your top tips? 

Love Liv xXx 
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Think of a time when you had to do something you really didn't want to .... Got it?
Now think of how you felt afterwards... 
- Relieved
- Content
The list goes on, but the chances are is the results are never quite as bad as we first perceive - but you are now as sure as hell prepared for the next time, thus eliminating fears and doubts of future tasks. 
The more I have been adopting this F*** it attitude in my life the happier i have been. 

This leads me to the task in hand of explaining the title of this post. 
In 2011 I painstakingly crossed the finish line of the London Marathon in a lengthy time of 6 hours and 9 minutes ( mumbled quietly under my breath). The shuffling that took place over the days that followed and the 10 minutes that it took me to walk from the lounge to the bathroom were firm reminders as to why I hated running! 
For anyone who has trained for the London and other marathons around this time will also sympathise with me when I talk about those 'Wonderful' wintery training sessions you have to do when you have icicles hanging from your nostrils and your little frost bitten toes feel like they will fall off when you loosen your laces. 

So when in October 2014 I found my mouth involuntarily blurting out the words "Yes I would love to take part in the Manchester Marathon",  I quite honestly shocked myself. 

A brisk walk is right up my street (excuse the pun) but the second I have to quicken my pace my body feels the need to go into meltdown... my chest suddenly tighten and my calves decide to tighten so tight as if they are doing anything they can to root me to the ground----- Its official I do NOT like running! 
BUT .... for me completing my second marathon was not about the running at all! Yes it means I am slowly working towards a Victoria Secret's model physique ( one day )but it is about overcoming the I can't do something mindset ... It's about challenging my impossible and about standing so far out my comfort zone its a mere dot in the comfort zone distance ( similar  to that of the marathon finish line at every mile from about 13 !!!!!) 

It's about creating a transferable experience that when faced with a task in my life that I am fearful of tackling I can remind myself of crossing that line .. something I never thought of being able to do once let along twice... 

Understand that anything we put our minds to we can achieve x 

It is the reminder that as soon as you cross the line ( or overcome something, complete a hard task) all your sense of struggle diminish due to the overwhelming sense of pride and self accomplishment. 

So on that note I will now let you into a little secret ......... 

I have just entered the London 2016 ballot as having knocked 12 minutes off my London time at Manchester I may have slightly caught the PB bug and ready to chase another challenge. 

I would love to hear about your marathon experiences or something you have overcome x

Love Liv xXx 

My race day top with my favourite quote xx 

Race Day Fuel 

Delish Pre Race Day Salad From Giraffe 

Making our way to the start

RIP Trainers You have served me well 

This definitely felt like an Olympic Gold Medal x 

Finisher's Goody Bag