Saturday, 23 August 2014

Choosing your forever career!!! Or come with me to Neverland

A conversation with a dear friend recently sparked the debate of what do we want to be when we grow up, and more importantly do we ever actually have to?

Despite turning 25 in less then 2 months ( eekk) I still feel I have a little more of an excuse to hang on to my youth as long as possible ( or at least until I find my first grey hair).
My friend on the other hand has recently celebrated her 25th birthday for the second time and still admits to not knowing what her chosen career is when she grows up!
I guess I took real comfort from this conversation as speaking to many people my age, many are in this career predicament of never really knowing what to do with their lives.
I grabbed an opportunity recently and seized it with both hands; whilst this had risks attached ( like quitting my full time job) I can honestly say it was the best decision EVER and for the foreseeable future this is what I want to be when I group up.

And quite frankly if it is not then who cares as I have had a blast whilst doing it.... Careers don't have to be forever jobs anymore and what I have learnt from my wonderful and wise friend is the beauty of the generation we live in that we can have several "careers in our lifetime.

If you are not happy where you are now ----- Change it!
If you fancy trying something new ------------- Try it!
Challenge yourself to bridge the gap between reality and your dreams. If going to work doesn't excite you, what ever age you are, strive for something that does. We spend such a long proportion of our lives working why do something you despise everyday?

So I am continuing my life right now like Peter Pan and living in Neverland. ..... refusing to get bogged down with hunting for a forever grown up job but embracing every exciting opportunity that is presented to me. I hope this post encourages you to do the same... life really is for living so embrace it everyday.

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