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In the past I have always skimmed past picking up short stories in the thought that they are perhaps more aimed at children (silly I know), but  the hectic lifestyle lots of us now live in they couldn’t really be more perfect for us book worms! 

When a lovely lady turned dear friend asked me to give her book a read I jumped at the chance … reading has always been a passion of mine as I love the tranquil places it can transport you to and the temporary journey you set on away from the hustle of daily musings.
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 Lots of things going on in my life at the moment has left me with little ‘me time’ and something I have been craving for for some time.. so what better excuse then now to set aside some time to delve into some crisp white pages!

The genre was a little dark then I am normally used to as I seem to opt for lighter reads such as 'Confessions Of  A Shopaholic!!! ( perhaps more so because I see a lot of myself in Becky Bloomwood!). 
Admittedly I was a little worried about heading to the dark side! As a sensitive soul I was assuming it would leave me with strange thoughts and sleepless nights. How wrong was I – The way in which each story was so incredibly well written and each character calved into each tale so exquisitely you couldn’t help but imagine that you knew the person! 

The beautiful colour illustration to the book 

Yes there is no shying away from that fact that several of the stories include topics of a sinister disposition but it gave me the scary realisation that related to news stories you hear, most of these stories could be nonfiction and happen in the real world!  There are several beautiful spiritual links that are entwined throughout some of the stories which I really did love. From start to finish the stories conjured up some many emotions where at times I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, smile or shed a little tear (which admittedly I did in several places). It’s hard to pick a favourite out of them all  where some of the stories themselves really captured my imagination and others whose characters felt so real it was like something from a Harry Potter film where at any given point they could jump from the page!!

One thing that really set 'The Auction House'  apart from anything I have read in a VERY long time is the extent to which every detail throughout, is so magically described that if you had a paint brush in hand  (and fortunate enough to be artistic) you could paint out the entire picture! 

Smells, sights and sounds were all conjoured up in such a charming way you couldn't help but fall in love with several of the stories. 
There is also a wonderful and well thought out link between the stories but if you are like me and one who likes surprises I will do my best to keep my lips tightly sealed from hinting at any spoilers! 

So before I give away anything else I cannot recommend this book enough – even if you have never thought to pick up a short story now is your time, they are so perfect for a busy lifestyle to enjoy whilst waiting for appointments, in your coffee break or a final switch off before bed time. 

Short stories are definitely something I’m not going to be ignoring in the future and will continue to view them as perfect little additions to enjoy at the end of the day with a cup of tea.
 I will start a little hunt for more short stories and also will sit patiently yet all rather eagerly for the next instalment/ follow up to The Auction House. 

Are you a lover of short stories? 

If you would like to check The Auction House out for yourself then you can do so here

Love Liv x 

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