Sunday, 14 September 2014

Motivating Myself...

So, in my current role within my network marketing business, a large proportion of what I do is provide motivation and positivity to my clients and team members.
Compassion has always been quite a strong personality trait of mine so this helpfulness comes naturally, and is something I really enjoy providing for people.
This really has to be one of the most rewarding parts of what I do, as the gratitude  I gain back is the best feeling in the world.

Just recently however, I have noticed this motivation and positivity has been gladly past to others but has stopped at myself!
I have been so caught up in helping others I have let my own goals slip; for someone who has always had so much ambition this kind of scared me, and made me realise I need to crack back on and walk the walk of motivation.
So this morning I have sat down and done what I tell all my clients to do - Create a Dream Board. This is something can be added to constantly, even daily, and creates a visual aid of all the things you wish to achieve. In doing so this constant reminder is imbedded into your subconscious making you much more likely to achieve them.

My Dream Board - 

My overall dream board is a lot larger then this but these are the things I want to focus on over the next 6 months.
Growing my business is at the forefront of my dream board as in doing so will enable me to be able to complete everything else.

It may appear very monetary focused but it is also about the value of time; the time to travel and spend with those closest to me and enjoy every single day.

I have also begun planning lots of exciting things that will keep me motivated over the next year or so ( I will be blogging about this soon so keep an eye out).
I feel it is really important to have a  focus and like and not to get too caught up in carrying on with everyday life but actually taking a step back now and again and reflecting if you are getting the things in life you want.

Has there ever been a time you have been so caught up in doing something for others that you stopped doing it for yourself?
What is on your dream board ?

Love Liv xXx

Perfect Time of Year ....

Going for a little walk today inspired me to take a few photographs of one of the most iconic Autumn visions for me, and that is the ever changing colour of the leaves in the trees.
From olive green to burnt oranges there is nothing better then feeling the crunch of leaves beneath your feet.

This image below had to be my favourite where the tree is literally clinging hold of its last few leaves...

Since When Did Shops Turn Into Nightclubs??

"Welcome to Hollister , would you like a gas mask, earplugs, or a flashlight? "

I found this quote on twitter this morning, not only did it put a smile on my face but it just about sums up how I feel about this chain of retail stores that shares it "atmospheric" surroundings with sister company Abercrombie and Fitch.

For those who have never stepped foot into one of their stores I can put it very simply for you; 
Imagine going on a night out in a nighclub that also sells clothes. This maybe the perfect combination for many people, but for me entering the doors of the store instantly gives me a headache from hell with its low level lighting ( not sure what their trying to hide) its over powering signature after shave smell and ear drum bursting music..... Is this branding going too far ?

Sexy topless men aside this is really not the shopping experience I want when I hit the shops, as called me old fashion but I rather enjoy actually seeing what i'm purchasing before I hand over my money!

In contrast to this only a few shopping steps away is one of my favourite stores Victoria's Secret... It may be its feminine touches and sparkling ambience that makes me a fan, but its open and inviting layout make it much more appealing and so much easier to shop in. 

What are your views on Hollister's store designs and what are your favourite stores and why .
Would love to hear from you .. 
Lots of Love Liv xXx 

Get Crafty On Your Hen Party ....

I am always on the look out for new and fabulous things to blog about and my love for crafting made this an easy choice for a blog post.

Over the last couple years I feel there has been a significant increase in brides to be wanting to create a memorable celebration when it comes to their hen party. Long gone are the days of learner plates and little  recollection of the night before, not to mention the headache.

Dorset born ‘Crafts and Giggles’ can provide that special celebration …
 Creator Katie Rand, has set up these fabulous workshops which Brides to be and their nearest and dearests can get their hands stuck into a crafting project in a tailored made Craft Hen Party.
Not only do these workshop provide a fabulous day out in which you can have fun, natter and enjoy the company of your friends and female relatives you can also bring a your unique creation home, creating the perfect memento from your special day.
The workshops are between 2-3 hours providing you plenty of time to create your very own masterpiece. The workshops include garter or fascinator making, cupcake making and ceramic painting and include all of the equipment and materials that you need!

If you are looking for a more personal touch to your big day, then you can also choose the favour or bunting  making workshop to help dress your wedding day.

Crafts and Giggles  does not just stop there…
They also have workshops designed for children’s parties with fabulous themes such as pirates and fairy parties for your little ones, and to get you in the festive spirit be sure to check out there Christmas workshops to make the perfect gift this December.  
Sharing its crafting magic with the South, Crafts and Giggles  travels to Dorset,Somerset,Hampshire,Devon,Wilshire and London to provide you with something a little bit different. 

For more details on prices and to book one of these fabulous workshops be sure to contact Katie on …

07824 396645 or send an email to