Saturday, 23 November 2013

When Did We Lose The Art Of Imagination?

Whilst sat in Costa enjoying one of their special Christmasy drinks I was observing my boyfriend Marty
Our delicious Christmas drinks 
(find him on Twitter) who was intently watching a young boy across the room - whom was clearly driving an imaginary vehicle. I left him for a second and pondered to myself what he could be possibly thinking of ( he is the least paternal person I know) when I finally asked him what was so interesting his response was simple -
Why don't grown men pretend to drive buses ?

I immediately responded by saying that sadly I believe, that it is the result of going to school - Being taught facts and figures which forms a loss of creative thought processes. Tasks that as a child seemed like the most exciting times of our lives, just become everyday mundane and unfulfilling activities.
But really, why shouldn't we imitate driving a double decker or pretending to be a post office cashier ( one of my childhood faves) . Ok on a serious note this may make us appear slightly strange but what I think is so important is to maintain an element of imagination in our everyday lives. Perhaps adding a little imagination to our days could spark them to come alive-  allowing them to meet the expectations of the lives we have become so obsessed with by constantly refreshing the social networks feeds of celebrities whose everyday lives seem so enthralling!!
Your imagination can take you places straight thinking can only dream of taking you - it is about creating an opportunity and running with the idea until it makes all your dreams come true - and you finally become the person you have always aspired to be.

So speaking from someone who is no stranger to believing that fairies really do live at the bottom of the garden, see how much a little imagination can brighten up your day and put a little bit of magic in your life :) .

Love Liv xXx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

LDBT - Let Down By Text

Firstly, to confirm this is not a direct dig at anyone in particular, but an observation about what many people ( including myself i'm sure) are all guilty of in this digital age we now live in. 
The sin in discussion here is the conversation avoidance that is created through the simple send button on text messages, Facebook,Twitter or emails. 

Despite daily technological advances these modern day gadgets have yet to be programmed to spare the thoughts and feelings of their recipients. 
Typing the message on a screen diminishes the look of your respondents face when you tell them, yet again, you are unable to make that prearranged dinner date. 

As being no doubt a culprit of this, but more recently the victim of LDBT ( let down by text) I am increasingly noticing the loss of sincerity of society today, and how once again digital platforms are in fact forming a loss in real conversation. 

 I believe these instant messages are becoming to much of an easy way out rather then enabling people to delve into that good old thing once known as a discussion; they simply provide a faceless excuse for those whom are too wimpy to speak to your face. 

It scares me to think that in the not so distance future SMS will be the next romantic marriage proposal!.

Unintentionally this post sounds a bit ranty, but I wanted to remind people that in fact friends and family would be far more understanding of your change of plans if you simply actually spoke to them . 

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic and if you to have been effected by LDBT. 

Love Liv xXX 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween ...

Hey Beauties so in celebration of Halloween today, I thought I would do a little picture post of my top pumpkin carving inspiration to share with you.

I would love for you to share your ghoulish creations with me and let me know what your pumpkins look like :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dorset Knob Throwing 2013 ...

 If there was an award for the most innuendos in one place then this Dorset event would be sure to be crowned top.
Its memorably name comes from the renowned local biscuit made since 1880 by the Moores' family;
the event itself seeks those who think they have what it takes to throw the hand moulded biscuit the furthest,
and to be subsequently crowned the knob throwing champion.

Aside from the Knob throwing competition the event included other activities such as Knob eating, Splat the Knob
 and Knob darts. A children's area named paint the Knob ( which i quickly discovered was not a cheeky name for 
a face painting stall)  was where young attenders could get creative with painting their very own designs
 on the Dorset Biscuit. This variety of aptly themed activities made sure  the day was a fun truly family day out.  

With the beaming sun and the longed for Bank holiday weekend it was no wonder this event saw a record turnout. 
The inclusion of the Frome Valley Food Fest, meant that a delicious array of food was also on offer;
 from Posh Pigs hog roasts, to scrumptious cupcakes hand made by the local WI there were choices to cater 
for all taste buds, and for all the ale lovers the ultimate inflatable pub!

Live music played throughout the day giving the event a true festival vibe and one that is sure to be a hit for years
 to come. 
As a local resident I was humbled to see such a tremendous turnout of all ages, and immense admiration goes out 
to the organisers of the event....

Hope to see you there next year in the first Sunday of May, for more Knob mayhem and a truly fun event that really
 takes the biscuit ( i'm sorry ... just couldn't resist). 
 For now I will leave you with a few pictures I took throughout the day whilst I get practising my underarm swing to 
be in for a chance of being crowned next years Knob throwing champion. 

 For more information and to discover this years winners be sure to check out the event website :

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Change in Christmas on the Highstreet

Most recently I have spent quite a lot of time wandering around local towns in Dorset and this afternoon it struck me how much the streets are lacking in their usual festive attire that normally looms on us as early as mid September!
Admittedly most stores began to stock their shelves full of christmasy items at the beginning of this month, but seemingly this time around have held off from festive window displays and adorning the streets with decorations ...Instead have taken a rather Americanised approach to Autumn and become obsessed with Halloween.  This has led me to hope that  retailers have finally learnt that in previous years they have stamped out the Christmas spirit before December even arrives!

I deem myself as Mrs Claus so am in way a humbug but I really this year will allow everyone to embrace the festive season when it is meant to be enjoyed... Not when we are just packing away our summer clothes.
I love each changing season and what celebration each one brings but Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourites.

Do you have many Halloween plans?

Love Liv

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Best Yard Around.....

Anyone that has already visited Princes Charles’ Poundbury development in Dorchester will know the vast assortment of houses and buildings that in inhabits. Aside from its residential areas, there are many hidden treasures to be found in the form of delicious eateries and bespoke gift stores, and one that I can never resist taking a peek into goes by the name of Yard.

 Yard is owned by Vicki whom has numerous years worth of experience in the world of buying after opening her first store at just 17! It is know wonder the shop oozes sophistication, style and was Drapers Fashion Award Winner in 2012.

On arrival you are greeted with a warm smile and the offer of a cup of coffee (which when visiting Yard be sure to accept as it is made in a proper mug... far more satisfying then a franchised coffee that is often thrusted at you with a grunt).
The welcoming shop assistants make you instantly feel at ease, and are a far cry from those stuffy boutiques in which you feel constantly out of place and quite frankly make you feel that your making the place untidy.

Yard’s collective array of beautiful clothing, accessories and wonderful trinkets makes it the perfect destination for a little Christmas shopping, or an indulgent bit of retail therapy.
New stock continuously hits the store, and as a lover of fashion the thought of being able to grab a gorgeous new item so accessibly is every girls dream.
Vicki’s expert eye means all her stock is bang on trend, super stylish and offers so much more then regular high street stores. Fashion brands such as Great Plains, Part Two, Masion Scotch and my personal favourite French Connection can all be found in Yard providing another reason why I love visiting this shop.

Being a girl against online shopping having these brands on my doorstop means I can have the pleasure of  holding the fabric between my fingers, and actually seeing what I am getting for my money.
On your next visit to Yard I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and would love to hear what you treat yourself to J

Knowingly I do rather like hopping on my little soap box and having a little rant about things that simply make me grumpy.
Whilst doing a blog post on a fabulous independent store I feel it relevant to finish on this little note…….
With a high street that is so obviously thinning it is more important then ever to support our local independent retailers as without customers they simply cannot exist!
Two little shops I have had close personal connections to have sadly had to close their doors over the last couple years ( No im not bad luck Cheeky J ), blamed for the rise in internet purchases. Whilst I know this is an issue that is on the increase and therefore only likely to get worse many locals I have spoken to are saddened by the closures, yet when asked if they shopped in the shops are replies were often no !

Whilst I am not asking you to never make an online purchase ever again, I am asking you to consider utilising your local shops more and ensure they are here to stay.
So being Dorchester’s answer to Mary Portas lets ensure these shops continue to thrive and allow us to explore their treasures first hand.
Which local shops are your faves?

Love Liv ..xXx

 Here are a few piccys of the gorgeous shop.......

Head or Heart Decisions....

My aim to this blog post is to encourage anyone out there that is struggling with a decision or is simply unhappy in the current situation to make a change to their lives. 

The only thing to get me through my testing 3 years of uni was predominately my overarching drive to succeed and fulfil my career focused dream (and the fact that my pride stopped me from quitting).
A few months ago I was faced with the predicament of hypercritically breaking my pride and potentially giving something up without really knowing where it was going to lead.

Being such a family orientated kinda gal I love being just a stones throw away from them all. Having been brought up in the most amazing part of the country has allowed me to experience the most dreamy childhood with surroundings that most people could only dream of. This however is of course the tranquil countryside that has very little in the way of relevant companies in my said industry.

Straight after finishing uni I took on a job 4 hours away from home with the sole purpose to ignite my career, which despite a fantastic opportunity led me to miss my home to the extent I pondered if i had made the correct decision.
I was therefore completely torn as to what to do, do I remain what seems a millions miles away and be unhappy or create my own sparkly world closer to home ?

I made the decision to follow my heart and returned home to my little village in the heart of the Dorset countryside. This has meant I am now extremely happy in my personal life allowing myself to excel in my attitudes towards my professional career. 

 Being at home has allowed myself to fully evaluate my future plans and knowing the celebrity industry is my long term goal I have been able to put a plan into place to make my dreams a reality. Starting with contacting local PR and Marketing companies I will be able to gain valuable experience over the next 12 months, giving myself significant amounts of time to determine where I next want to set up residency; and more importantly save up to give myself a better start when I decide to move. 

Since returning home I have secured four local job interviews in PR and Marketing so I am well on my way on the next chapter of creating my sparkly world. I am also planning to embark on some new courses such as digital illustration and floristry to absorb new knowledge and increase my skill set. 
One thing I will never know is how differently my life would have planned out if I had stayed, but I guess that is just another one of life's choices. 
Now enough about me ... Now its about you... 

Life is way too short to do things that don't make you happy so start by making a change today no matter how small .. As believe me it will soon make a huge difference in your life. 

Whether its changing something current or trying something new never be afraid to delve outside your comfort zone as you may surprise yourself at how truly incredible you really are. 
Its better to regret the things you have done and not the things you haven't .....( please no breaking the law though :) ). 
Begin by drawing out all your hopes and dream on a piece of paper ( I always find writing things down physically makes things so much clearer and decisions that little bit simpler). Next, collate a series of steps or a list of all the ways in which you could achieve these dreams.... if this doesn't scare you a little then make your dreams bigger.
Now work your way through your steps or tick those lists off and begin to make your whole world sparkle. Occasionally re-focusing back onto your overall dreams will inspire you to keep going. 

Be the best version of yourself possible and you will be amazed at how fabulous you feel. We all only get one chance in life so don't waste yours by thinking of what ifs but start doing......
 When was the last time you did something for the first time? 
Get creating you fabulous beauties and together we can make the entire world glitter. 

Love Liv xXx