Friday, 13 March 2015

Power Of Personal Development ...

Growing up I always noticed the humungous books that lined our bookcases yet always by-passed the name Tony Robbins in search of Jacqueline Wilson's latest...How different my outlook  could have been had i made different choices!

It wasn't until i hit my twenties ( which by the way no one prepares you for) that i began seeking for a better me. After a challenging period in my life i was recommended the book "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyways" by my friend and neighbour - GAME CHANGER!!! This almost instantly changed my entire outlook on my surroundings and I began understanding more of what I needed to do to better myself. The days that followed I found myself in our study meticulously  going through and pulling out every single one of those Tony Robbins  books that I had skipped past all those years ago! These small steps have had and are continuing to have such a huge impact on my life I cannot recommend them enough to anybody and everybody no matter what stage in life you are at. They have helped me through some pretty tough times... Alongside all my quote plaques and pictures that my boyfriend pointed out the other day are getting rather on the extensive side - But i'm all about surrounding myself with positivity :)

I have started to explore more and more into this genre  and find myself weekly in my local Waterstones store - Much to my amusement I often think the staff are worried for my sanity as i spend so much time in the "Self Help" section that they must be waiting on tenter hooks for me to have a breakdown right there.

Whether you are having relationship difficulties, problems at work, bereavement the list goes on, personal development/self help books can provide you with strategies of dealing with these situations and really allow you to grow in the areas that perhaps need developing.

For me it has not only taught me coping strategies to use when I am presented with opposing situations but is allowing me to fulfil even my biggest dreams by instilling the sense of self belief.

I think the 'Self Help' entitlement of this section of a bookshop holds a bit of a taboo feeling but honestly break that mould and get exploring - You never know how much it could help you.

If you are not into books then you can always opt for the audio version- These are also really good for when driving to work or long journeys etc.

If you really want to follow your dreams and achieve things that most deem impossible then you need to start on yourself - Work from within to develop yourself as a person and you will be astonished at the effects it has on your life xx

Have you read a great personal development book lately ?

Love Liv xx

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