Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Curse of Leggings!

The word 'Diet', for some strange reason causes my brain to suddenly become very rebellious;  the second I decide I am taking action to fight my flab this rebellious devil inside me makes me want to stuff myself with anything naughty in sight ( now that your picturing a rather attractive me shoving cake in my mouth I wanted to share the very turning point  that has kicked me into fitness action). 

Growing up I was always into sport and participating in some form of physical activity at least once or twice a day - This meant I could eat what I wanted and would never put on pounds. 
The older I then became the less I was exercising and then uni began! As a  typical student my diet became anything but balanced (unless you classed alternating between Chinese and Indian takeaways and wine and Jack Daniels balanced). 

Had I suddenly woken up one morning and  felt like ten tonne sally I would have kicked my self up the butt to take action. Instead, my problem has come from the gradual weight gain over the course of 3 years that to me has gone rather unnoticed - Until now! 

My gain in weight hasn't been helped by the curse of the leggings!  Rather then the honesty of a pair of jeans leggings stretch along with you, luring you into a false sense of comfort until bam you try to get back into your fave pair of jeans - and lets face it know amount of wriggling is going to get them over that extra junk in your trunk!
Over the last year I have felt a real lack in self confidence and have shied away from clothes that pre weight gain I would have worn  without thinking once let along twice. 
After trying many crash diets I just find myself with the huge rebellious streak that forces chocolate upon me. 

After seeing hideous photographs of myself and having booked a fast approaching holiday something in my head has suddenly clicked - I guess having a deadline to work towards makes it feel all real and allows me to have a focus. I am also disregarding comments from people who when I talk about my weight respond by telling me how much I don't need to lose weight - Whilst entitled to their own opinion I know how happy I was before and what being slimmer and fitter made me feel like. 
This time however my approach is very different - There are no strict diets involved but I have taken it upon my self to introduce a very simply lifestyle change that involves significantly reducing all damaging food groups such as dairy and processed sugars etc and being more healthy. 
The changes have been astounding - Not only have I already lost 9 pounds in just over a week I am feeling on top of the world; I feel I have more energy throughout the day and sleeping like a log through the night! and the best part - no rebellious actions have snuck in :) 

Once I have seen even further progress I will be posting some before and after photos to share with you  in the hope to inspire those who are in a similar position to moi :) 

Love Liv xXx 


  1. That is so true about leggings! Good luck on your mission, looking forward to updates :)


  2. Thank you Sophie :).
    Just about to pop over and check out your blog as well. xxxx