Monday, 21 October 2013

Head or Heart Decisions....

My aim to this blog post is to encourage anyone out there that is struggling with a decision or is simply unhappy in the current situation to make a change to their lives. 

The only thing to get me through my testing 3 years of uni was predominately my overarching drive to succeed and fulfil my career focused dream (and the fact that my pride stopped me from quitting).
A few months ago I was faced with the predicament of hypercritically breaking my pride and potentially giving something up without really knowing where it was going to lead.

Being such a family orientated kinda gal I love being just a stones throw away from them all. Having been brought up in the most amazing part of the country has allowed me to experience the most dreamy childhood with surroundings that most people could only dream of. This however is of course the tranquil countryside that has very little in the way of relevant companies in my said industry.

Straight after finishing uni I took on a job 4 hours away from home with the sole purpose to ignite my career, which despite a fantastic opportunity led me to miss my home to the extent I pondered if i had made the correct decision.
I was therefore completely torn as to what to do, do I remain what seems a millions miles away and be unhappy or create my own sparkly world closer to home ?

I made the decision to follow my heart and returned home to my little village in the heart of the Dorset countryside. This has meant I am now extremely happy in my personal life allowing myself to excel in my attitudes towards my professional career. 

 Being at home has allowed myself to fully evaluate my future plans and knowing the celebrity industry is my long term goal I have been able to put a plan into place to make my dreams a reality. Starting with contacting local PR and Marketing companies I will be able to gain valuable experience over the next 12 months, giving myself significant amounts of time to determine where I next want to set up residency; and more importantly save up to give myself a better start when I decide to move. 

Since returning home I have secured four local job interviews in PR and Marketing so I am well on my way on the next chapter of creating my sparkly world. I am also planning to embark on some new courses such as digital illustration and floristry to absorb new knowledge and increase my skill set. 
One thing I will never know is how differently my life would have planned out if I had stayed, but I guess that is just another one of life's choices. 
Now enough about me ... Now its about you... 

Life is way too short to do things that don't make you happy so start by making a change today no matter how small .. As believe me it will soon make a huge difference in your life. 

Whether its changing something current or trying something new never be afraid to delve outside your comfort zone as you may surprise yourself at how truly incredible you really are. 
Its better to regret the things you have done and not the things you haven't .....( please no breaking the law though :) ). 
Begin by drawing out all your hopes and dream on a piece of paper ( I always find writing things down physically makes things so much clearer and decisions that little bit simpler). Next, collate a series of steps or a list of all the ways in which you could achieve these dreams.... if this doesn't scare you a little then make your dreams bigger.
Now work your way through your steps or tick those lists off and begin to make your whole world sparkle. Occasionally re-focusing back onto your overall dreams will inspire you to keep going. 

Be the best version of yourself possible and you will be amazed at how fabulous you feel. We all only get one chance in life so don't waste yours by thinking of what ifs but start doing......
 When was the last time you did something for the first time? 
Get creating you fabulous beauties and together we can make the entire world glitter. 

Love Liv xXx 

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