Monday, 6 July 2015


Having grown up in the countryside I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Barbour and love all that they stand for!

On a little Twitter stroll  this week I came across a competition they were hosting across social media and it ignited a little bit of excitement in me! Firstly because the prize is just a bit fabulous.. stylish yet practical can it get any better? But more so for the challenge they are setting their follower!

Image Credit:Barbour

Using the #BarbourPicnicRug they are encouraging followers to share how they are making the most of their Summer. .. this is the part that made me squeal like a little girl, as for the first time in a while I am going to be filling my Summer full of the things that make me happy! Some may see this selfish but after a long old time of ensuring others are happy now is my chance for some me time.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know by now that back in May our family grew by 4 paws! One of the things i’m really excited about this Summer is to enjoy sitting out enjoying scrummy picnics in the garden with the pup, sipping Pimms and getting lost into a good book… Utter Bliss!

A new chapter in my life will begin to be written in a couple weeks   when I move down to Bournemouth in my first ‘proper’ place of my own. Being a stones throw away from the beach will mean lots of time spent with the sand between my toes and the odd beach BBQ or two(or possibly 3!!).

My blog will also be taking a front seat over the next couple months as despite the likelihood of being arrested by the grammar police on several occasions I absolutely love writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences.
I will also be working on my side line business The Dream Body Project which I can’t wait to grow further and to help others build their dreams (ok despite a me summer I can’t help but sneak a little bit of helping others in there to).

This summer for me is all about the staycation and enjoying the delights that Dorset has to offer which I look forward to sharing with you here at Metallic Magpie. There are so many wonderful places and attractions to visit locally that I never really get the chance to explore.
Boscombe Pier 

Bournemouth Beach 

The cute Cath Kidston huts at
 Bournemouth beach

I am also really looking forward to simply taking a step back from the hecticness of every day life, and putting a few plans into place on what I want to focus on over the next couple months.

This will also include baking, finding new healthy recipes and a little bit of journal writing(I have wanted to start my project life for a long time but simply haven’t given myself the time!).
 I can’t wait to get cracking with my summer plans and I am sure you would agree they would be made that extra bit more perfect with the addition of a Barbour rug!

What are your summer plans? Are you going away or having staycation like me?

Love Liv xXx 

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