Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dorset Knob Throwing 2013 ...

 If there was an award for the most innuendos in one place then this Dorset event would be sure to be crowned top.
Its memorably name comes from the renowned local biscuit made since 1880 by the Moores' family;
the event itself seeks those who think they have what it takes to throw the hand moulded biscuit the furthest,
and to be subsequently crowned the knob throwing champion.

Aside from the Knob throwing competition the event included other activities such as Knob eating, Splat the Knob
 and Knob darts. A children's area named paint the Knob ( which i quickly discovered was not a cheeky name for 
a face painting stall)  was where young attenders could get creative with painting their very own designs
 on the Dorset Biscuit. This variety of aptly themed activities made sure  the day was a fun truly family day out.  

With the beaming sun and the longed for Bank holiday weekend it was no wonder this event saw a record turnout. 
The inclusion of the Frome Valley Food Fest, meant that a delicious array of food was also on offer;
 from Posh Pigs hog roasts, to scrumptious cupcakes hand made by the local WI there were choices to cater 
for all taste buds, and for all the ale lovers the ultimate inflatable pub!

Live music played throughout the day giving the event a true festival vibe and one that is sure to be a hit for years
 to come. 
As a local resident I was humbled to see such a tremendous turnout of all ages, and immense admiration goes out 
to the organisers of the event....

Hope to see you there next year in the first Sunday of May, for more Knob mayhem and a truly fun event that really
 takes the biscuit ( i'm sorry ... just couldn't resist). 
 For now I will leave you with a few pictures I took throughout the day whilst I get practising my underarm swing to 
be in for a chance of being crowned next years Knob throwing champion. 

 For more information and to discover this years winners be sure to check out the event website : http://www.dorsetknobthrowing.com/

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