Sunday, 17 November 2013

LDBT - Let Down By Text

Firstly, to confirm this is not a direct dig at anyone in particular, but an observation about what many people ( including myself i'm sure) are all guilty of in this digital age we now live in. 
The sin in discussion here is the conversation avoidance that is created through the simple send button on text messages, Facebook,Twitter or emails. 

Despite daily technological advances these modern day gadgets have yet to be programmed to spare the thoughts and feelings of their recipients. 
Typing the message on a screen diminishes the look of your respondents face when you tell them, yet again, you are unable to make that prearranged dinner date. 

As being no doubt a culprit of this, but more recently the victim of LDBT ( let down by text) I am increasingly noticing the loss of sincerity of society today, and how once again digital platforms are in fact forming a loss in real conversation. 

 I believe these instant messages are becoming to much of an easy way out rather then enabling people to delve into that good old thing once known as a discussion; they simply provide a faceless excuse for those whom are too wimpy to speak to your face. 

It scares me to think that in the not so distance future SMS will be the next romantic marriage proposal!.

Unintentionally this post sounds a bit ranty, but I wanted to remind people that in fact friends and family would be far more understanding of your change of plans if you simply actually spoke to them . 

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic and if you to have been effected by LDBT. 

Love Liv xXX 

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