Sunday, 27 October 2013

Change in Christmas on the Highstreet

Most recently I have spent quite a lot of time wandering around local towns in Dorset and this afternoon it struck me how much the streets are lacking in their usual festive attire that normally looms on us as early as mid September!
Admittedly most stores began to stock their shelves full of christmasy items at the beginning of this month, but seemingly this time around have held off from festive window displays and adorning the streets with decorations ...Instead have taken a rather Americanised approach to Autumn and become obsessed with Halloween.  This has led me to hope that  retailers have finally learnt that in previous years they have stamped out the Christmas spirit before December even arrives!

I deem myself as Mrs Claus so am in way a humbug but I really this year will allow everyone to embrace the festive season when it is meant to be enjoyed... Not when we are just packing away our summer clothes.
I love each changing season and what celebration each one brings but Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourites.

Do you have many Halloween plans?

Love Liv

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