Sunday, 20 April 2014

My 16 Year Old Self

My 16 Year Old Self ......

I recently found a box full of old birthday cards, photographs and magazine clippings all of which I hope to one day finally put into a scrapbook. Among all these treasures was a feature from Glamour magazine written by Dannii Minogue titled ' My 16 year old self ', it was a letter written as if she was talking to herself at the age of 16 and all the things that had happened since, it really inspired me to write my own mini version .

So here goes .

Dear My 16 year old self ....

First of all enjoy your last few years at school, as these really are the best days of your life and ones you will never get back ... Also trust me they are the easiest, although I am sure you will put up a good argument against this one !
 That guy you went on that date with on that cold november afternoon will still be your boyfriend 7 years later, although there will be up and downs it will end up for the best and you will become the greatest partnership out there.

As always you have to do things differently to everyone else so you will end up doing 4 years of A levels to get to where you want to be but everything happens for a reason right ?

Oh and don't let your nursing work experience get to you to much as you will end up going to University and to study Events Management soon to discover your love and passion for Public Relations; so far cry from the medical world.

During your time at university your strength and determination will be truly tested as your dad will be diagnosed with cancer, and for the first 2 years of your degree he will be being made better . You know him though, his upbeat attitude and positive approach to the world will keep you both strong and ever strengthen your unbreakable bond. So if there is one thing I can ask you is ensure you work your bum off to make him proud and use his inspiration as motivation to always know that nothing can get in your way or hold you back .

The company you applied for work experience with that turned you down will accept you onto a 6 week work experience placement in your second year of uni and subsequently offer you a job ... what did i tell you ... hard work does pay off .

Your dreams will also come true when you take part in a three month work placement in Disney World and you will meet people that will change your life forever .

Never being one to keep your thoughts to yourself ... seeing your mum finish the London Marathon with have you blurt out that you want to do it , and for being one to keep your word you will cross the finish line the following year ( although not quite as fast as your mum ) .

Whilst everyone around you is having babies and getting married you will become a fairy godmother to a very special little lady who even has the same name as you  ( destined to be fabulous :) ).

You will also go against all your old school beliefs that all your dreams and inspirations are to be wrote in a book as you will  actually start an online blog ... who would have ever thought !!

Always treasure each moment and always say the things you want to say to people whilst you get the chance as you never know when they wont be around anymore...

Oh and keep up the exercise as you will get fat haha
But until the next time thats all for now :)

Lots of Love

Me xXx

Ps Your love for sparkly things will never change xXx

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